Basic Fashion Rules For Picking The Right Colors

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Posted on: November 25, 2017
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Basic Fashion Rules – Colors

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Let’s have a look at how you can use basic fashion rules on color combination to achieve that killer look.

Feeling bothered over what color to use? What color makes you look great? Well, style is everything about being yourself. Exactly what you opt to use every early morning informs a lot about you and how you fell that day. Even that little bag narrates.

Blending and matching refers individual option, you’re producing your personal design each time you assemble a clothing.


A popular color in style. Light and neutral, it complements any color. Thought about a summer season color, it is an excellent option for tops. Constantly have some white in your closet. It easily matches bottoms of any color; a set of blue denims, a grey skirt or an intense colored Bermuda shorts, all of it works. White offers you a sensation of flexibility and uncluttered openness.

Ideas: Include a little touch of white to lighten up or brighten up your state of mind. For instance, a white tank top with a set of denim jeans, white cotton coat over a hot pink infant doll gown or a just all white ensemble for an easy breezy island appearance.


Black is a mystical color, it offers you a sensation of viewpoint and depth. Signifies sophistication and improvement and is constantly considered as a prominent color.

Ideas: Pair black with other dark colors for an appealing fully grown search for example, a brown wool button front cardigan with black pinstripe bootcut trousers, gray tweed cropped sports jacket with black stretch pin-tuck pencil skirt.

A color that’s constantly trendy and never ever from pattern. A great option for bottoms. Straight opposite of white, it easily matches tops of any colors. It’s likewise a popular option for tops, making the user appear slimmer. A terrific complementary color for devices like a pink gleaming night bag or a diamond locket.


Ideas: Pair red with colors within the red household itself for numerous state of minds. For instance, a red retro design tee with maroon pleated skirt or hot pink cotton v-neck tank with red fleece college mini skirt

A meaningful color that is thoroughly utilized in style. The majority of noticeable and vibrant of all the colors, it instantly develops destination and enjoyment. The user naturally represents a picture of excitability and self-confidence. It likewise evokes a sexual sensation. Red is a physically motivating color typically connected with vigor, love and enthusiasm.


Ideas: Pair yellow with dark or lucid cool colors for a striking vibrant search for example, a yellow ruched halter top with black wool complete skirt or a yellow roll edge tee shirt with blue-green polka dot tiered mini skirt

A color typically utilize in casual style. Much like red, it develops tourist attraction and enjoyment. Nevertheless it recommends a more enjoyable and sunlight state of mind. The user has the tendency to cause entertaining cheeriness to the group. Typically liked by those who welcome modifications. The color of sunlight, frequently connected with pleasure, vitality and optimism.


Pointer: Match blue with white for a rejuvenating and stylish appearance. For instance, an intense blue cotton v-neck hoodie with white stretch cotton studded trousers or white terry track coat with pale blue faded jean

A popular color liked by a lot of mentally opposite of red & yellow, it causes a really calming & peaceful feel, enjoyable to the eyes. Naturally revitalizing in state of mind, it’s an excellent option for daytime wear. The color of summertime skies and the sea that’s typically related to peace, love, idealism and motivation.


A womanly color for ladies much like blue, it’s calming and enjoyable to the eyes. Naturally sweet in state of mind, it has a long lasting girly appeal. Ladies in pink have the tendency to picture an extremely sweet & enjoyable image, constantly appealing to the people. The color of fairy floss, typically related to warm love and love.

There are merely a lot of colors to go through all them however I think you ought to by now have a feel for ways to match your colors in such a way that can be enjoyable.

Ideas: Include a little pink to highlight the womanly touch. For instance, matching your black satin strapless sash gown with a neon pink nylon ‘Tessuto Sport’ baguette, pink collar tee with black extended cotton cropped trousers.

Basic Fashion Rules color guidelines:

Stick to one color (all white, blue, red …).
Hot works well  cool (match yellow with green or blue not with red ).
Use neutral colors to pull the styles together (white, gray, beige and black ready neutral colors).
Experiment with color of the same group (pink with maroon, sky blue with navy blue …).
Keep in mind, you eventually develop your own style. The process should be fun so don’t take yourself too seriously as follow these basic fashion rules for choosing your wardrobe color combinations.

Have a good time working it and don’t forget to include the shoes!


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